🎉 Daily 8PM Free Chip Rewards 🎉

2024-06-28 17:52:03

Dear Players,

Good news for everyone! 🎊 


We'll be handing out free chips to all players everyday at 8PM! 🕗

And we're extending this event until July 31st! 🗓️

Remember, you can only claim these rewards between 8 PM and 10 PM. ⏰

Don't forget to enable push notifications for Winjoy Online on your device so you can grab your free chips! 📲

Here's to many happy wins for all our players! 🎉💰

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  • This game does not provide "cash transaction gambling", it is only used for user entertainment purposes, and there is no chance to win physical prizes.
  • This game is a "win of chance" and does not imply that consumers will receive a specific prize when purchasing or participating in an event.
  • This game is a free game, and there are product purchases in the game. Please judge your personal interests and ability to buy.
  • Please pay attention to your game time and don't overuse it. Playing games for a long time will affect your life, please keep enough rest and exercise.

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